Research of Gunshot Wound Patterns to the Body

Choosing between soft and hard body armour is a personal decision based on the tasks you will undertake and the threats you may encounter. Furthermore, you need to consider between an armour that wraps around your body or a SAPI plate design. There are advantages and disadvantages for both types and it may be beneficial to consider appropriate research to help make your decision.

Journal of American College of Surgeons

In 2019 a study was published in the Journal for American College of Surgeons entitled “Wounding Patterns Based on Firearm Type in Civilian Public Mass Shootings in the United States”.

Autopsy reports of 232 victims from 23 events were reviewed.The chest was the most common area to be hit, followed by the abdomen.

gunshot wounding patterns to the body
The chest is the most common area to be struck

After the brain, the most common organs to be injured were the heart and lungs (60%) and liver (26%). This totals 86% of all injuries.

organs injured by firearms
Organs injured by firearms


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SAPI plate design

SAPI plates are designed to cover the vital organs within the chest and abdomen, hence their popularity.

SAPI plates are popular as they cover the vital organs.
SAPI plates are popular as they cover the vital organs.